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INT4 range of Digital Panel Meter Clock / Timers

The Intuitive Range of digital panel meters and controllers are ideal for industrial timind as a count up or count down. They can also be used as panel meter clocks, with automatic summer and winter time correction.

INT4-H digital panel clock / timer - easy to use!

UK Designed & Built. Easy to Program, Fast to Commission!

INT4-H digital panel meter timer / clock

cloud based data logger and trend analysis system

The INT4-H is our most popular 1/8 DIN panel timer / clock which accepts Start, Sop and Reset contact closure inputs.

Also available in 144 x 72mm format - The Maxi-INT4 series.

Maxi-INT4 large format digital panel meter 144 x 72mm

Standard Features...
  • 3 contact closure control inputs
  • Up and Down timing
  • Real time clock function
Precise ...
This digital panel meter is easy to use and has high precision and stability. It has a number of timing modes, which are:-

Clock mode, HH:MM:SS showing time of day
Total days elapsed since last reset
HH:MM up or down timer
MM:SS up or down timer
SSSS up or down timer
SSSSS.S up or down timer
MMMM up or down timer
DD:MM:YY calendar
MM:DD:YY calendar

You can preset a starting time to count down from.
You can set the down timer to stop when it reaches 0, or to carry on below zero showing a negative value.

Flexible ...
This panel meter can be fitted with isolated output signal modules to add control and data sharing functions.

Tamper Proof ...
This digital panel clock / timer is also available with a plain front panel. All settings can be locked to prevent changes after commissioning.

The small window in the bottom right can have text such as RPM, m/min, Hz, bottles etc.
The display colour is available in red or green.


INT Series Digital panel meter dimensions

INT4-C Specifications
Power100-240 VAC, 110-300V DC std, 11-30VDC option. 10VA Power burden, max.
Alarm outputOptional plug-in relay SPST modules
2 Alarms rated 2A 250VAC, SPST
4 Alarms rated 2A 250VAC, SPST
Selectable normally open or normally closed

Optional plug-in relay SPDT modules
2 Alarms rated 2A 250VAC, SPDT

Optional plug-in solid state modules
2 Alarms rated 50V 100mA DC.

Adjustable hysteresis
In-flight compensation facility.
Energise or de-energise on trip

Special features
Adjustable timers to set energise and de-energise delays. Can also be set to pulse for applications needing less than 100% duty cycle.
In-band and out-of-band alarm function.
Manual and automatic in-flight compensation.
Can be set to operate from nett or gross value.
Serial data outputOptional plug-in modules.
RS485 Addressable
On demand or continuous output.

Special features
Can include time and date with RTC option fitted.
Can be set to operate from nett or gross value.
Digits6 digits, 14mm high. 7 metres max. viewing distance. 10 readings per second. Variable brightness from front panel.
Digit colourRed - standard. Green - optional
Logic inputs3 logic inputs, individually configurable for Hold, Reset, Tare, Peak/valley, Nett/Gross, Memory Address

Normally open, NPN or contact closure input to activate.

5V open circuit, 1mA switched current.
EnvironmentalStorage -20 to +70C
Operating 0 to 50C
Non condensing.
Optional IP67 cover SPC4
SealingIP65 standard, IP67 with optional SPC4 cover

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