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Resistance Digital Panel Ohm Meters - INT4-R Series

Also available in 144 x 72mm format - The Maxi-INT4 series.

Maxi-INT4 large format digital panel meter 144 x 72mm

The Intuitive range of digital panel ohmmeters and controllers are ideal for measuring the resistance of a wide range of components such as:-

  • Motor windings
  • Incandescent lamp filaments
  • Heater Element resistance
  • Inductors
  • Earth bonding
  • Solenoid coils
  • Relay coils
  • Servo coils

4 wire resistance digital panel ohmmeter measuring a low ohmic coil

Technical operating manuals for digital panel meters available with instant access

All our ohmmeters can have a wide range of output options, including:-

  • 4-20mA or 0-10V isolated analogue output
  • 2 alarm relay output
  • 4 alarm relay output
  • RS232 output
  • RS485 output

4 wire precision resistance ohmmeter

We use 4 wire measurement methods to ensure that the cable resistance is cancelled automatically from the measurement.

Resistance ranges are available to suit different applications.

0-1 Ohm full scale is suitable for earth bond and low inductance coil measurements
0-10 Ohm range is suitable for motor winding and some filament lamps
0-100 Ohm range is suitable for solenoids and low power filament lamps
0-1000 Ohms is suitable for relay and solenoid coils

Other ranges are available, which can be tailored to your exact needs.

Bench mounting ohmmeter with pass/fail alarms for HI and LO resistance limits.

Shown here with LO alarm activated, meaning the resistance is too low. Ideally both green lamps will be lit, indicating a pass.
Bench mounting ohm meter with pass/fail alarms

INT Series Digital panel ohmmeter dimensions

cloud based data logger and trend analysis system

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