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Process signal Loop Powered Digital Panel Meters

Loop powered digital panel meters need no separate power supply, because they get their power from the 4-20mA input signal itself.

This saves on wiring costs and makes these panel meters very simple to install and commission.

88-PRO Loop powered digital panel meter

88-PRO loop powered digital panel meter 4-20mA input

The 88-PRO is a simple, low cost digital panel meter for use with 4-20mA signals.

loop powered digital panel meter operating manual handbook download

Precise ...
This digital panel meter is easy to use and has high precision and stability. You can set the display to have 3 1/2 digits (+/- 1999) or pseudo 4 1/2 digits (+/- 19990) or pseudo 5 1/2 digits (+/- 199900)

Flexible ...
This panel meter can be widely scaled to suit most 4-20mA signals and can have a units-of-measure label added to the front.

Also available in 144 x 72mm format - The Maxi-INT4 series.

Maxi-INT4 large format digital panel meter 144 x 72mm

88-PRO Loop powered panel meter Specifications
Input connectionsDetachable screw terminal
Input Signal3 1/2 digit LSI converter
Current input 4-20mA
Accuracy+/-0.1% of range
Thermal stability - range+/- 100ppm/oC
Thermal stability - offset+/- 100ppm/oC
Digit colourBlack on Grey
Digits3 1/2 digits LCD, 12mm high. 6 metres max. viewing distance. 3 readings per second.
SealingIP54 standard, IP67 with optional SPC4 cover
ScalingZero and span screwdriver adjusted, with coarse range push-on jumper switches. Units of measure label window.
For example oC, oF, kg, psi etc.
EnvironmentalStorage -20 to +70C
Operating 0 to 50C
Non condensing.
Optional IP67 cover SPC4

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